Many of my short stories are bundled into collections.


The Daggyland Collection

Back in the day, friends used to call me Daggy. So let me welcome you now

to Daggyland, a strange, sick little place in the heart of crime fiction. 


In Daggyland #1, you'll get 10 of my best stories—all of which were first published in the world's greatest mystery magazines. You'll get two stories that were nominated for the Derringer Award for Short Mystery Fiction, and another that ran in the prestigious Best American Mystery Stories 2015 anthology, edited by bestseller James Patterson. And one never-before-seen ending to one of these acclaimed tales.

Fifty thousand words of pure, daggy-licious fun, the collection includes the following stories:

Back to the Boke

Stand Up Johnny

Button Man

Bloody Signorina

Bloody Signorina (alternate ending)

The Sweatergeist


Harm and Hammer


The Truth of What You’ve Become

The Woman in the Briefcase

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In Daggyland #2, you’ll get another 10 stories—four of which have appeared in recent years in major mystery magazines. One Sherlockian tale appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, three appeared in Mystery Weekly, and bunch of others are out of the vault for the very first time. There’s one bonus story, and an excerpt of one of my novels!

Forty thousand words of pure, daggy-licious fun, the collection includes the following stories:

A Respectable Lady
The Cardinal's Blade
Her Father's Killer
The Henrian Twist
Indoor Hunting Season
The Box Top Man
The Knickerbocker Kill
Last Dance in Hoboken
PLUS an excerpt of a novel!

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The Arm of Darkness Collection


Two brothers stumble upon a website so entrancing that it marks them for death. A murderous drifter wanders into the wrong bar on a snowy night. A lovesick executive rents a hideous creature bred to nibble his cares away. 

They and others become victims of a mysterious stranger who lives in these mountains. His hand is fashioned from the oldest darkness man has ever known—the night sky. He is a trickster, a prankster, a demonic being who desires only to wreak casual violence on every person he meets. He’s about to offer you a bargain. Don’t trust him.

Arm of Darkness contains six short stories of horror. Three of those stories (shown below) are also sold separately.



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Three of the stories from the Arm of Darkness collection are available in print or ebook format.

Grisly as well as compact.

Find them wherever books are sold.

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