The Scientist and the Sociopath by Joseph D'Agnese

Every word of this book is true!

The Scientist and the Sociopath features remarkable nonfiction stories, some of real-life scientists tackling theories and discoveries that will change our world, others of laymen grappling with some aspect of science in their lives. 

Along the way, there are smashed ancient skulls, dead chimps in the back of pickup trucks, flying snakes, lordly windmills, haunted warriors, and beautiful, geeky kids building us a new world, one Lego at a time. 

These all-too-human players overcome their own foibles to make sense of the unknown, touching on everything from the Big Bang theory to tissue engineering, human evolution to cryptography, strange animals, robots, and the secret of human ingenuity.

Culled from my extensive reporting for magazines such as Discover, Wired and Seed, these tales are bundled together for the very first time. This collection includes two never-before-seen stories.


“D’Agnese writes the most unusual and interesting books.”—BOOKVIEWS

Top 10 Kindle Bestseller for Nonfiction Science Essays & Commentary

Top 25 Amazon Bestseller for Science & Math Essays


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In this groundbreaking, “big think” book, a world-renowned problem solver reveals why experts fail and how we can all do better.

For centuries we have bought into the idea that experts have all the answers. Now, in this groundbreaking work, Gordon Rugg exposes the surprising ways in which all people tend to make the same sorts of mistakes, regardless of what field they are in, how smart they are, or even their level of expertise. Focusing on why and how we make decisions, Rugg offers insight into what motivates us, how we fail to find the answers we are looking for, how we can learn to ask the essential questions, and more.

Rugg has devoted his life to learning how human experts solve problems. He gained international notoriety after revealing the famous Voynich Manuscript as a hoax. Now, he demonstrates the same techniques in his Verifier Method, which can be applied to any seemingly unsolvable problem with successful results.

Drawing on his personal odyssey, Rugg arrives at astute and entertaining conclusions about how and why we inevitably fail, and explains how to make better mistakes, work backwards, and reengineer the way we pursue success.

Published by HarperCollins. Co-authored by Joseph D'Agnese.

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