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The day I went freelance, I knew I wanted to write about food. I worked my way through a stream of avocational cooking courses at Peter Kump's New York Cooking School. I wrote articles for magazines such as Saveur, contributed a long-running series on New Jersey food destinations for The New York Times, and co-authored a book with Nell Newman for Newman's Own Organics.

But now, with The Underground Culinary Tour, I realize a long-held dream to get inside the minds of people who run some of America's greatest restaurants.

Entrepreneur Damian Mogavero created the software that makes restaurants tick. He counts among his clients some of the world's greatest chefs. In this book, he takes us inside the kitchens and dining palaces to show us how data and statistics are helping restaurants stay profitable and are changing the way we eat.

If you love food, cook at home, dine out often, can't resist snapping photos of the food on your plate, and enjoy game-changing books by Malcolm Gladwell or Michael Lewis, you ought to check out this book.

“Avero has become the go-to tech company for the hospitality industry, but the secret to Damian’s success lies in his deeply rooted passion for food....which The Underground Culinary Tour illustrates brilliantly!”
— Chef Tom Colicchio, TV's Top Chef

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Damian, through Avero, has increased financial transparency and reporting through a well-thought-out interface, designed for people who love to cook and provide amazing hospitality. The Underground Culinary Tour is a reflection of how people like me began to work with technology to provide a better guest experience.
— Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Owner of Jean-Georges Restaurants



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