Today's Mailbag

Peter Mountford book cover

Today’s mailbag brings two morsels to add to the To-Be-Read pile. My buddy Stuart Connelly announced he’s made his short story The Allnighter available online for FREE. It’s available in all the popular digital formats. Stuart is a remarkable writer whose story about a man who cannot sleep — and who has never slept — is a powerful piece of literary horror fiction. His book of short stories, which includes The Allnighter, is hilariously entitled Confessions of a Velour-Shirted Man.

Also: Another buddy, journo-author Neal Thompson tells us about A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism by Peter Mountford. Judging from the reviews about this novel, it’s worth investigating. Quoting part of Neal’s review:

“[Mountford] tells the story of a transformational month in the life of Gabriel de Boya, an eager but conflicted young researcher for a New York hedge fund posing as a freelance journalist and struggling with greed, love, lies, and desire. Mountford’s writing is admirably restrained, visual and visceral, and the result is taut, poetic, sad, and at times quite moving. Though set in 2005, the story feels fresh and relevant, deftly capturing the deceitful, manipulative world of hedge funds and foreign investment.” 

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