Jersey Heat, a novel by Joseph D'Agnese


During a hazy, hot and humid summer, a retired cop and young slacker take on corruption at a small-town water company in an eco-thriller that is part Elmore Leonard, part Carl Hiaasen, and a 100 percent New Jersey. 

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The Mesmerist, a novel by Joseph D'Agnese

THE MESMERIST: A skeptical young cop and a federal agent with a taste for the occult become embroiled in a series of bizarre killings in an alt-version of 1979 New York City, where looks can kill and hands can heal. 

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“Excellent urban fantasy. A very compelling read. D’Agnese manages to create a fantasy world of ‘thinks’—people with special abilities, most of whom are hidden to the rest of the world.”—Robert Swartwood, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Serial Killer’s Wife

“Flat-out fun...a book that artfully blends ambition and enjoyment, one well-written that remains entertaining throughout. The Mesmerist casts an intriguing spell.”—Loren Eaton, I Saw Lightning Fall.

“The Mesmerist is the quintessential page-turner.”—Thomas Briggs, Killer Book Covers

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The Marshal of the Borgo, novel by Joseph D'Agnese

THE MARSHAL OF THE BORGO:  A troubled police captain investigates a series of murders in a small Italian village which force him to use a power he has long denied. A paranormal mystery featuring murder, witchcraft, ghosts, and vino.

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The Marshal of the Borgo follows in the tradition of Italian mysteries by Magdalen Nabb, Andrea Camilleri, and Donna Leon—but with a powerful twist.

Part whodunit, part ghost story, The Marshal of the Borgo makes for a very unusual paranormal mystery by a recent Derringer Award finalist.

Italian detective Matteo Scarpone first appeared in a short story in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.



“Joseph D’Agnese does it again. On the surface, this novel is just a murder mystery. But there is so much more just beneath the surface, and to mention it all would give too much away…”—Robert Swartwood, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Serial Killer’s Wife

“An engaging story well told. That’s what Borgo offers—and what genre readers want.”—Loren Eaton, I Saw Lightning Fall

“…A tour de force of literary tone.”—Lars Walker, author of the Erling Skjalgsson historical fantasies

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