Check out my story on Shotgun Honey today

I have a flash piece up at Shotgun Honey today. "Wood Man" is short, sweet, and unpleasant. I hope you'll check it out. My thanks to Ron and the other editors there.



I've been absent from here a bit. I'm sorry to say that my wife lost her grandmother over the Memorial Day weekend. On its own, that loss would would have been bearable, but coming two months to the day after her mom passed, Grandma's death seemed to carry on even more weight. I originally wanted to write more about her, but I find I just don't have the energy to go there. We are still mired in the world of wills and estate resolutions that the living must attend to, even in their grief. The double-death experience has already taught me a lot. Everyone needs a good, clear trust or will, like, yesterday. Writers especially need to figure out how they're going to dispose of their intellectual property after death. I'll write more about this when I've completed my own estate plan, but you might start here and here.