Advent Ghosts 2016

Today I’m participating in the 100-word #adventghosts2016 flash fiction event run by writer Loren Eaton. You'll find links to all the stories at his blog, I Saw Lightning Fall. Here’s my piece.

Christmas Eve at the Tree Farm, Candler, North Carolina

Every year this night I wait for her, bed down in our fields with my fleece, my flask, my fire, my gun.

Takes twelve years to grow a Fraser to a size you can sell. Takes that long to raise three children right, but only one to lose a wife.

Midnight she picks her footless path through the snow. Nothing but mist pulled together into the shape I once knew.

My heart speaks: I love thee, I love thee, I love thee.

She turns amid the firs with a look only the dead can wear, and whispers, Who are you?

Copyright 2016 Joseph D’Agnese

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