Great Launch Week for The Girls of Atomic City

So Denise has been having a great time on her book tour. The first week of her paperback saw it hit three major lists: the New York Times Bestseller list for paperback nonfiction, the NPR Bestseller list, and the Indie Bestseller list (which is compiled by Indiebound with data from independent bookstores).

All totally huge, and great to see. But the icing on the cake came just last night when Denise’s book was a question on Jeopardy. The category was Recent Nonfiction. It was the $1,600 clue in that night’s round of Double Jeopardy. The “answer,” of course, was: “What is Oak Ridge?” Needless to say, the Oak Ridgers we heard from were over the moon.

* * * 

What’s up with me?

* I have a ghostwriting proposal out to editors; it seems to have been greeted with crickets, although, strangely, we did get a great offer from Audible. We kinda need the print book before we can license the audiobook, but hey—it’s a brave new world of publishing, right? So why rule out a direct-to-audio release? Stay tuned.

* Still in production on two self-pubbed books of mine.

* I’m reading a beautiful literary fiction book called The Man Who Walked Away, by Maud Casey. It’s based on the true story of Jean-Albert Dadas, a 19th-century Frenchman who had an uncontrollable compulsion to leave home and walk all over Europe. He’d “awake” from his wanderings to find himself in strange cities, with no idea how he got there. Casey’s language is just breathtaking. Worth a look.