Old blog gone. New blog here.

I got tired of the old blog so I canned it and moved here so I can have a site with all the jimmies. Please bookmark this URL or RSS feed. And please note you can leave comments. Yay. And please note that the rest of my main site is still functional; not ready to scrap it just yet.

I can’t imagine that anyone reading this would lament the loss of the old blog, but in case you do want access to those old posts, you can still link to the old blog here, and access the old blog archive here. (For what it’s worth, when I’m feeling ambitious I may transfer some of that content over here, but that’s a project for a rainy day.)

Though this is a Tumblr blog, I intend to use it primarily for text posts, mostly news on my work, and my thoughts on writing and publishing, and maybe occasional interviews.

I do actually keep a second, quasi-anonymous Tumblr blog, which I use to indulge in my interest in book covers, with a particular emphasis on genre book covers. Feel free to follow it too if you enjoy that sort of thing. If you’re an author and you’ve got a cover you love, send it my way and maybe I’ll put it up there.