Stuff Every American Should Know

Stuff Every American Should Know is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a nifty, “gifty” book of American trivia. Founding documents. The Star-Spangled Banner. Apple pie. Bicameral Congress. It’s the only book that dares to tell you what you need to know that you can actually fit in your back pocket. If you are not an American, you have our permission to skip this title.

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“…a dandy little book you could put in your pocket or purse, Stuff Every American Should Know…would be an ideal gift for a younger member of the family next month on the Fourth of July… It is a very interesting introduction to U.S. history and fills in gaps in one’s knowledge. It entertains. It makes you proud and happy to be an American.” — BOOKVIEWS

This compact little manual, packed with important information and entertaining trivia, is a joyful patriotic celebration.” — BAS BLEU

“Their latest literary effort is a little gem filled with facts Americans should know but probably don’t. In addition to facts, they also set the record straight on popular myths.” — TUCSON CITIZEN


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