Insane Week Ahead!

We’re doing a record (for us) 26 radio interviews this week promoting our new book, Signing Their Rights Away. Though the book officially pubbed last week, today begins our major promo week since the U.S. celebrates Constitution Day on Saturday, September 17. 

This is one of these holidays only federal workers seem to celebrate. Constitution Day commemorates the actual day in 1787 when 39 founding fathers signed the U.S. Constitution.

Our book is about those 39 men. Some were supergeniuses, others quite mediocre. At least one was an outright scoundrel who became the first person impeached in the U.S. government. No one ever seems to know that these men existed, while we routinely and slavishly fete the signers of the Declaration each Fourth of July.

I’d argue that the men in the new book are every bit as interesting as the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

If you haven’t already watched the book trailer, it’s right here. Denise outdid herself this time around. The new video is hilarious.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported this book with reviews and word of mouth. The book is available wherever books are sold, and our local bookstore has plenty of copies in stock, available for autographing.

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