New Book Out Tuesday: Signing Their Rights Away!

Tuesday, September 6 marks the publication of my new book, Signing Their Rights Away, with my coauthor Denise Kiernan. It’s a nonfiction history book about the 39 men who signed the United States Constitution in 1787. More notably, it’s the follow-up to our earlier book about the Declaration signers. The first book has done phenomenally well, so I’m really excited about the new one.

I’d argue that the men in the new book are every bit as interesting as the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, but they are probably less known than the Declaration signers. The book consists of 39 short biographies on each patriot, no more than three to five pages, tops.

Some of their stories are inspiring, others hilarious. You can get a sense of our approach in handling this material in the new book trailer we’re rolling out today:

People always ask how they can support us when a new book comes out. The most obvious thing is BUY THE BOOK, but you knew that already.

Knowing that not everyone loves history, even our humorous take on it, we point out that you can help us in other ways: mentioning the book to history buff friends, booksellers, librarians, book clubs, or social studies teachers.

You can share the book title with your Facebook or Twitter fans, or just watch the video and have a laugh. If you do read the book and like it, please consider leaving a review for us somewhere online. It really helps. I’ll be back next week, on pub day, to talk about other ways you can help us.

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