Surprise Review of "The Mesmerist"

Also today, Loren Eaton has a zesty review of my book, The Mesmerist, up at his blog I Saw Lightning Fall.

I first read Loren’s work in the Winter 2012 issue of Needle, and started following his blog shortly after. I participated in his Christmas flash fiction event this past Christmas, and I’ve been enjoying his march through the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

Simply put, Eaton’s a master at saying a lot in 100 words, so I’m touched he would deign to lavish four, unexpected grafs on my cheese-fest masterpiece. If nothing else, I guarantee you that you will come away with more books (not mine) for your wish list after reading Loren’s review.

BTW: I was telling a baker friend the other day that I first wrote a draft of The Mesmerist in 1981, which may freak out some people. I keep meaning to do a post on my unusual writing experiences during those years, and maybe I will soon.