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Hilarious Gift for a Mystery Lover

The Secret of the Missing Fucks

I was out of town for a while and returned home to find these greeting cards in the mailbox—a gift from my agent, who knows I love mysteries.

The Secret of the Missing Fucks

The paper is good stock, the print very nice, and the interiors blank. I’m guessing they were ordered from this shop on etsy. Either way, very funny.

Thanks, Yfat.

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I have a post appearing today on EQMM's blog

Today I'm up on Something Is Going to Happen, the official blog of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, talking about a childhood obsession of mine that led to my fascination with mystery and crime fiction. You can check out the article here.

In other news:

* I actually have a story appearing in the March/April issue of EQMM, out on newsstands next week, February 23. I haven't seen a copy yet, but I'm definitely excited. It's my first for that magazine.

* My children's book, Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci, is finally appearing in stores with a cover medallion announcing its selection as an Honor Book in the Mathical Prize for math-themed children's literature. Yay! Cool to have one of those award thingies on your book cover.

* My local bookstore, Malaprop's, is now officially carrying copies of my self-pubbed fiction and nonfiction.

* If you're reading this via my Tumblr blog, please take a moment to reroute your reader to my official blog at: I will most likely discontinue the Tumblr feed in the near future. It would be smart to make the move now.



I finally crack Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine—thirty years later!

When I was a kid, I read AHMM and its sister publication, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine (EQMM), on a regular basis until I just couldn’t keep up with the subscriptions anymore.

I would also, from time to time, submit stories to these magazines during my teens. Shockingly, they were all returned with little white slips—the first rejections I ever got in my life.

Decades later, I finally have some good news to report on that front. This year I committed to submitting my short fiction to magazines on a more regular basis instead of self-pubbing them right off the bat. Besides Even, which ran back in August on Shotgun Honey, two of my short pieces have been bought by Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (AHMM). I couldn’t be more thrilled—penetrating that market has (obviously) been a lifelong dream of mine.

One is a straight-up story of corruption I wrote years ago. The other is one I wrote this year. It’s set in Rome. I’ve been thinking of it as written in the voice of an Italian Jane Austen, if such a thing were even possible. Seriously, the voices of both pieces couldn’t be more different.

They’ll run sometime next year. I’ll post the info when I have it.