Check out the new Blockhead DVD

DVD cover of the classroom film version of Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci by Joseph D'Agnese

Spoken Arts, a very creative film production company, has produced an adorable audiobook and DVD based on Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci.

The DVDs are intended for classroom use, so kids can read along with the audiobook or watch the animated story of Leonardo as he embarks on his adventures in mathematics.

Both the audiobook and the DVD come with licenses for public performance, which means you can play it for large classrooms. (By comparison, the DVDs you buy or rent at your local video store can only be played in your living room, and scary men show up at your door if you try to play them for large groups.)

I was blown away by the quality of these new Blockhead products. The cities of Pisa and Bugia, not to mention Leonardo himself, all seem to come to life with music, animation, and voice acting.

I want to see these products reach as many classrooms as possible, so I’m making the following limited-time offer: Anyone who books a classroom visit will receive as part of their package an autographed copy of Blockhead and a copy of the Blockhead DVD. 

I am now also asking a $50 donation for any Skype visits booked from now on. The cost of a signed copy of Blockhead and a Blockhead DVD are included in the cost for a Skype visit. Any monies left over after shipping are donated to the Fibonacci Giving Project, which benefits Heifer International.

I do not make any money on classroom Skype visits. It is a wholly charitable venture. For teachers and schools, this is a great deal. The DVD alone is typically priced at $50, so this is a great way to build your classroom library with books and beautifully produced media.

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