'Atomic City' podcasts & on the road

Two podcasts this week discuss my wife’s book, The Girls of Atomic City. The Nerdstorian, a history-obsessed, Atlanta-based podcaster, grew up partially in Oak Ridge, TN, and talks about her memories of the place and tells the story of Colleen Black, one of the key women in Denise Kiernan’s book. In the second half of the podcast, the Nerdstorian—love that name!—delves into the scary story of Ebb Cade, whose tragic tale Denise told as part of the book’s section on human experimentation. Find the Nerdstorian podcast here.

Author Robert Swartwood also has a podcast up this morning, interviewing Denise. It runs about 28 minutes long, and gets into a lot of the writerly questions like how she pitched the book, wrote the proposal and other good stuff. Check out Robert’s podcast—and his books—here.

* * * 

Denise hits the road today for the first stop on her driving tour of the Southeast. She’ll do an interview with Mike Collins of “Charlotte Talks,” at the studios of WFAE, the city’s NPR station. That’ll be Thursday AM at 9 AM Eastern. (You can find that interview shortly after at the same link.) And she’ll do a book talk and signing at Park Road Books in that city at 7 PM Thursday evening.

I’m tagging along. Charlotte has good cheese.