Girls of Atomic City on the NYT Best Seller list—again!

Late last night we found out that Denise’s book hit the same four NYT Best Seller lists for the second week in a row. (In-paper date: April 21.) I don’t have the numbers yet but I understand the book rose on the key list—hardcover nonfiction. The publisher was especially pleased because The Girls of Atomic City didn’t really get huge media attention in the last week. They love when books start picking their own steam and don’t need to be driven by media activity.

The big question has been what, if anything, can we as authors do to propel this book to the next level? Well, late yesterday we got the word that S&S is footing the bill for some major promotion in the coming months, including:

* a national author’s book tour

* a driving tour of indie bookstores in the Southeast

* a phone-in radio tour

* national advertising

* speaker’s bureau talks

* a bunch of other stuff Denise’s husband didn’t really catch after a couple of beers on a spring fever afternoon.

I have always had my doubts about the efficacy of book tours. But the publisher’s enthusiasm is still pretty astonishing, at least to my little midlist mind. Denise is trying to get used to the idea that she may be on the road for a good while longer. (I’ll probably go with her through the South, but she’s on her own for the rest.)

As soon as the list of bookstores is available, I’ll post it here. 

Large print edition by Gale/Thorndike Press.

* * *

One last thing: Denise is scheduled to appear on MSNBC’s The Cycle TV show tomorrow, April 12, at 3 PM. The usual caveats about last-minute scheduling apply, but right now it’s a go.